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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint Personal Link Accounts

What is a Personal Link? SkyPoint's Personal Link account offers full Internet access, 2 e-mail address's, and personal Web page hosting. It's the basic building block for several different access packages. What all our Personal Link accounts offer is:

  • Access Via SLIP Or PPP Protocols
  • Access To All Internet Services Including Over 30,000 News Groups
  • 5 MB Of Storage On Our Servers For Your E-Mail, FTP Site, and Personal Web Site
  • 25,000 hits per month
  • Excellent Free Technical Support
  • Comprehensive Free Platform-Specific User Guide
  • Free Software - Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express 5.0
  • Free Setup
  • And, As Always, NO Busy Signals, NO Hidden Costs, and NO Hassles.

Our Personal Link options are tailored to meet our members' needs. You can select the option that's right for you.

  • Personal Link:
    The PersonalLink dialup account offers unlimited attended hours and two email boxes. This account provides economical and reliable internet access, and is available to anyone with a computer and phone line. No need for special services through your phone company. We have dialup numbers throughout the nation, along with our home network here in the Twin Cities, so you can always take your internet with you!

  • Personal Link With Fixed IP Address:
    PersonalLink With Fixed IP Address offers the same advantages as the PersonalLink account, and adds a fixed IP address. Members' home computers can be accessed by others using the fixed IP address, just like a SkyPoint server.

  • Personal Link Dedicated:
    PersonalLink Dedicated gives heavy-duty users a personal Skypoint phone line and modem. Members with the Dedicated account can stay on line 24 hours per day.

  • Personal Link 256K DSL
    PersonalLink 256K DSL gives SkyPoint members a fast broadband connection. It requires a DSL router and DSL line service through Qwest. This unlimited access account also includes two email boxes and a full dialup account that you can use if away from home!

  • Personal Link 640K DSL:
    PersonalLink 640K DSL, like the 256K option above, provides full dialup access, as well as an extremely fast broadband connection. This service requires 640K DSL line service through Qwest.

  • Personal Link 64K ISDN:
    PersonalLink 64K ISDN gives SkyPoint members a true high-speed connection. It requires an ISDN modem and ISDN line access in the member's area. This account allows 200 hours of access to the Internet with additional hourly charges if the time is exceeded.

  • Personal Link 128K ISDN:
    PersonalLink 128K ISDN gives a member more options than the PersonalLink 64K ISDN account. This account gives a member two ISDN 64K B channels to work with, at 200 hours each. That means that a member can mix and match to get the equivalent of 400 hours of ISDN service at 64K, 200 hours of 128K ISDN connection using both channels at the same time, or any combination of the two as long as the time on any one ISDN B channel does not exceed 200 hours.

PersonalLink - The Perfect Personal Internet Choice

Now that you know all about the PersonalLink options, why not sign up today? It's quick, it's easy, it's the best value in town, and you could be experiencing the quality of the SkyPoint PersonalLink in just minutes!


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