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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint "E-Mail Only" Accounts

What Is An "E-Mail Only" Account? SkyPoint's E-Mail accounts provide a private e-mail box for far less cost than a full-service Internet account. They are popular as add-ons to other account types. Contact us for discount information when you want more than one E-Mail account!

$5.95/month - Ask Us About Multiple Account Discounts!

  • Why Would I Want An "E-Mail Only" Account?
    E-mail accounts are useful to many individuals and organizations. Some members have a single PersonalLink account but want separate private e-mail for a spouse or children who also use the account. Similarly, organizations may have one or more shared accounts for Internet access, but need each staff member to have an individual e-mail box. With a domain and AKA E-Mail Aliasing, these e-mail accounts would appear to the outside world under the domain.


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