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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint AKA Aliasing for E-mail

What Is E-Mail Aliasing? E-mail aliasing lets a business with a registered domain name put all its staff's e-mail addresses "under" that domain. All e-mail accounts at an Internet service provider will have the user's login name followed by the Internet provider's domain name; let's say that Joe has an e-mail account at SkyPoint - Joe's address would be But if Joe works for a company that owns the domain name "", it would only make sense that Joe's work e-mail address should be instead. That's where AKA Aliasing comes in!

All an e-mail alias really does is act like a post office forwarding order. If Joe wanted to spend 3 months telecommuting from California, he would put in a 3-month forwarding order with the post office to pass all the mail from his home address to his suite in sunny Malibu. His real home address would not change. The same thing happens when Joe wants his e-mail to look like it is going to an address at his company's domain. The e-mail will really be passed to Joe's SkyPoint mail box, but the rest of the world will only see and use his e-mail box address at his work domain!

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  • Why Would I Want AKA Aliasing?
    AKA Aliasing is useful to many individuals and organizations. Some businesses purchase many private e-mail boxes for their staff. Others have staff members with their own, private accounts at many different Internet service providers. Either way, with a domain and AKA Aliasing these e-mail accounts can appear to the outside world to be under the business' domain, and e-mail sent to the staff member using the domain address would be correctly forwarded to the individual's e-mail box.


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