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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint Direct Connect Gateway Services

What is DirectConnect? DirectConnect is designed to provide business network connectivity for your entire office. SkyPoint will provide all the necessary equipment and labor to install a custom-programmed gateway server at your site which will route Internet traffic over a dedicated connection between the Internet and individual workstations at your organization. This system can also act as a server for e-mail, FTP, and more.

  • No Hardware Hassles
    SkyPoint will supply a DirectConnect gateway server with all the necessary hardware and software installed and preconfigured. We do all the work on this complete, proven system and pass our savings on to you. You don't have to shop for hardware or software, or spend valuable time and resources getting your gateway up and running. We can also help you connect your existing network with this DirectConnect server. Best of all, as your networking needs grow DirectConnect will grow with you from dial-up service to T1 1.54 Mbps connection speeds - there's no need to discard your hardware and start over.
  • Full Internet Access Through A Dedicated Connection
    With DirectConnect, your staff can access all the resources available on the Internet, from e-mail to the World Wide Web, 24 hours per day with no busy signals ever. Appropriate hardware on our site will be dedicated to serving your connection at all times.
  • Many Options Available
    Your DirectConnect gateway server delivers many optional solutions for your office. It can offer print and file sharing services to workstations within your local network. It is fully customizable to meet many business needs, from e-mail options to firewalls to internal and public Web hosting to paging and fax services. Your network is limited only by today's best technology and your imagination!

Price Depends On Desired Features. Call For A Quote!


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