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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint Dedicated ISDN Services

ISDN service is a reliable, high-speed way to access the Internet. It relies on digital telephone lines installed by US West, and can provide a connection up to 128 kbps. It is an excellent value for businesses wanting frame-relay speeds for everything from basic Internet access with a minimum amount of wasted online time to heavy file transfer and better-quality video conferencing. ISDN costs a fraction of the price of a frame relay connection both in setup and in monthly fees. SkyPoint dedicated ISDN service provides:

  • Unlimited monthly hours of service at 64 kbps or 128 kbps
  • Dedicated dialup ISDN connection
  • Routed Class C Subnet (255 IP addresses) for workstations on the internal LAN
  • Equipment installation
  • Free expert technical support
  • Dedicated ISDN Setup and Installation
    ISDN service requires a router to connect your LAN to the Internet. SkyPoint can install the equipment and perform all other setup. We can also supply a router at an excellent price! Firewalling options are also available. SkyPoint setup includes:
    • IP address registration
    • Primary and secondary name server setup
    • Installation of a dedicated ISDN circuit at our site
    • Customer equipment acquisition and coordination with US West
    • Router installation and configuration at customer site
    • Router connection to existing network hub at customer site
    • Definition of all routes
    • System testing

    Requires Registered Domain Name - Call for our latest router prices!

  • Dedicated ISDN Monthly Service
    ISDN service can be provided through one (64 kbps) or two (one 128 kbps connection or two 64 kbps connections) ISDN B channels. When a customer purchases two B channels, it is possible to interchangeably use them as a single higher-speed line, or separately for two 64 kbps connections. The customer is responsible for purchasing ISDN service from US West. For more information on ordering ISDN lines for your site, please see our ISDN FAQ.

    Yearly DISCOUNTS available! - Call our Office for Pricing


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