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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint HostLink Accounts

HostLink with UUCP Mail and HostLink Plus are designed for businesses needing Internet access for multiple staff members over a shared office network without a major equipment investment. One IP address is assigned by SkyPoint for the host machine. This gateway machine can be used as a firewall for the rest of the LAN. The other machines connected to the LAN will not be visible to the Internet. HostLink requires only a standard modem with a SLIP or PPP connection at speeds up to 28.8 kbps, with the new 56 kbps option soon to come. You can choose HostLink with UUCP Mail for on-demand service for up to 120 hours per month or HostLink Plus for dedicated service with unlimited hours. SkyPoint handles all network and domain name registrations.

  • HostLink with UUCP Mail
    HostLink with UUCP Mail is the perfect low-cost solution for a business that expects it will need only a part-time connection to the Internet. Because e-mail is collected in bulk when a connection is made, a UUCP application on the host machine is required to pick up e-mail from the SkyPoint server. HostLink with UUCP Mail services include:
    • 120 Hours/Month On-Line
    • Single IP Address For The Host Machine
    • On-demand Dialup 28800 bps Connection

    Requires Registered Domain Name - Call our Office for Pricing

  • HostLink Plus
    HostLink Plus is a great solution for organizations that expect to have users on the Internet most of the time. Mail is continually received by the host machine. Services include:
    • Unlimited Monthly Hours
    • Single IP Address For The Host Machine
    • Dedicated Dialup 28800 bps Connection

    Requires Registered Domain Name - Call our Office for Pricing


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